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It’s a gravel road, with rising grass running up its center. It’s wild now, on either side. The air itself is green. The sky is pure blue. Clouds rise on billows. Feel yourself there? No? There are vines of honeysuckle. There is an old, abandoned house, a V in the tree holding up its railing. Keep out. Trespassers will be prosecuted. It’s the sort of place kids dare their friends (or enemies) to sneak into. There must be gold dripping from its eaves, creatures in the attic, assemblies at the crescent moon (sharp as a knife). Let the moon catch you at the throat and snag you upwards. She’ll leave you in this deserted place for the creatures of the night to feast their terrors on you. Beware the maiden in the moon. Beware the abandoned places. But on this day of sunlight, enjoy and banish the shivers from your spine. (Do not look. Tendrils of green snake through the whitened bones of the fallen. You’re next).