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I just discovered a realm above my realm. On the search of our hidden road, I found another. It was so open, high above the waters and islands. Grasslands, nearly. A little girl played T-ball with her dad. “I got this, Dad.” Sounds familiar. That confidence, then the happy dance when she hit out into the street. I have a picture of when I was nine or so, back from a soccer game. My hair is short, shoulder-length, and I’m proudly streaked with mud.

It felt like home up there in that realm. I loved all the tall, wild grass, up to my shoulders. I ran my hand along it, pulling a few seeds free. I loved the view. Who would have thought such a dingy road would open up like this? Our road leads through the woods, curving out of sight. The other day I put my truck in reverse and drove the length of it at a decent pace. “I’ve got this.” My hair is down to my waist, streaked honey-gold.