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Brownies in the oven. Pure torture. That smell wafting through the house.

Nearly ten years ago, I needed to splice three tunes together for my first choreography. It was the Christian story, told through dance. A fellow from our church did it for me. I offered to pay him (he had amazing equipment). But he just asked for a platter of brownies, “You know, with the Bible-paper thin crust.”

Church can be a wonderful thing. We had a whole new playground structure built off of an Eagle Scout project. Our children’s pastor had been praying about it. Not much later, our Eagle-to-be told his dad that he wanted to build a new play structure. And we did. I love being a scout sister (you get in on all the fun of your brothers).

How about some new curriculum for Kids’ Church? All you need is a Bible Guy, a Sidekick 17, an old quarry, and a video camera. The fun begins. Years later, the little blondies will swear that my brother was Sidekick 17, and that Josiah B. was the Bible Guy.

I remember little of what our lessons were about. The one I remember the most was of a large paper heart. Many strings were attached to it, and when we all pulled, the heart was torn apart.