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Today I’d like to remember Jesus. It’s Memorial Day, and I want to remember what He did for me. We are made in God’s image, and that includes self-sacrifice. My best dreams are when I’m putting myself in harm’s way to rescue someone. That’s God’s nature.

I’d like to remember sweet peas and tall grasses on a high trail not often trod. I want to remember when He was there and held me as I cried about this inner pain I didn’t understand.

I’d like to remember when I screamed out my frustration and hurt and disappointment as I drove home. Reading through Ezekiel now, I know He knows exactly how that feels.

I’d like to remember the horrific death He died, both for me and for those who have caused me pain. We’d be nothing without Him. We’d be lost in darkness without Him. We’d be hopeless, despairing, loveless. But with Him, because of His sacrifice, we are loved unconditionally. And nothing, NOTHING, can separate us from His love.