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How could I tempt fate? And yet, how could I not? I’d never been this way before, wandering upwards then crossing a rocky field, following the signs. I reach my destination. But what’s that? There before me, through the tall grasses and shaded woods, a path. Well, more of a trespassing. The long grasses were bent, inclined away from me. Heck. Why not? I followed. A trail, a field, a road. A long road, paved black. Lupine, chamomile, foxgloves, buttercups blended with the flourishing greenery on either side. Everywhere, the scent of sun warmed grasses. I looked into the woodlands. A gully of ferns and a tree bridge; an arch of branches rising to fall; sun streaks on moss. But just beyond the lacing of iron thorns and barbs. I’ll keep to the road. Splayed feathers as a junco hops to keep ahead of me, some hapless bug in its beak. No deer. No dogs. Just a few horses whisking their long tails. Who lives in this quiet place? My home is full of people and yet more dogs. Occasionally a cross-eyed cat. Hardly anything stirs here in this place. I hear buzzing, and look up to see bees happily drinking away in the bush above. A few steps, and they fade away in the distance. How far have I come? How far have I yet to go before I reach the main road where cars rush by too close for comfort? I’ll pull this quiet all around me and weave it into my being. This is the essence of my nature–to seek unknowns and chance it with fate.