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Yes, I scratched his eyes out. How could I not? He was a changeling. You don’t know what that is? Times have sure changed. A changeling is a faerie left in place of a human baby. They have some strange abilities. But other than that, they’re indecipherable from humans. My half brother was just such a one.

He loved her. Ha! He didn’t even know what the word meant. Who knew if he even had any idea what he was. But I knew. I knew. I had worked hard out in the fields with my father all day long, and I was weary. But the moon was in my eyes that night, and I just couldn’t sleep. I heard the whisper of bare feet on our earthen floor. I opened my eye a crack, and there he was an ancient man. He was crippled over, as if riddled with arthritis, but his slanted eyes gleamed as black as ebony. As he laid the babe in his arms in my baby brother’s cradle, he sang.

Stealer of children am I, am I 

Guess not my name

Or sorrow you’ll bring

To the descendents you call your own

By the time I’d blinked, he was gone, and my brother with him. I ran out into the night, but it was hopeless. He was gone.

She was beautiful. Teilo did not deserve her–that changeling monster. She had spun gold for hair. The fairest of angels. If ever there was a human close to heaven, it was her. Curse that changeling! He climbed her tower as easily as a spider. Four moons he visited her. That fourth was his last. He’ll never find her again. Not blinded as he is. There is no healing for what I have done to him.