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Did you know that if your hair is long enough you can use it to play string with your cat? My Martha Joy was flopped in my lap, soaking up the sun on the back porch with me. I was bending over her, my thick hair falling like a curtain. I’m not sure if she was trying to groom me or was just being her usual playful, spunky self. She’d tangled her claws in my hair like a comb and was pulling it through her sharp teeth. Amused, I took up a handful of my hair and dangled it in front of her. Both paws went up that time, claws fully extended as she dragged them through, shaking her head as she tugged at my hair with her teeth. I’m terribly bad about brushing my hair in the mornings. I usually just finger comb it a bit. The fun ended when she got her bottom jaw stuck on her harness and I had to rescue her. Sometimes I feel like a pincushion.