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I’ve heard this from two gal friends over the years, as well as from my own experiences. Be careful when your significant other (a guy) says the following to you:

“My primary love language is physical touch.”

In our Christian culture, the “Love Languages” book(s) are fairly popular. They’re good too–well written, and insightful. Unfortunately, they’re also a key instrument that “Christian” guys can use to mess with their girl.

When you’re in a relationship, you want to please your significant other. And more, you want to make him feel loved. Just be careful of the boundaries, and of the guy.

All three of us, my two gal friends and myself, heard this from our guys. And in all three cases, there were some serious “issues” with the relationship. It’s not that we “fell,” but our boundaries were pushed to a lower degree than what we wanted, or what we’d originally intended when we started the relationship. Sometimes guys can be very persuasive in how they phrase it all. And often, there were a lot of things underlying what they meant when they said “my primary love language is physical touch.”

Just be wise. And be aware.