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He was her age. They’d known each other since they were little. She’d always thought him quiet and stiff and sorta sucky at the sports they played. But now… he was in his element. Alive. Cheerful. Outgoing. Grown up.

The thing was, she’d walked another road these past few years. A road he knew nothing about, and understood even less. And she was fragile, eager for new beginnings, still trying to find her feet again.

It went well for a long time. Then not. He was still skittish around girls, in a lot of ways. Didn’t know how to talk with them, or be a good friend to them. Didn’t know how to react when they became friends with other guys.

He didn’t know how to take her concerns seriously in a firecracker-tense environment. He was nice, but that was all. Nice enough to be friends with, nice enough to talk with, nice enough to spend time with, but not street smart enough to understand her or the life she had lived.

And with him too, she walked on eggshells, afraid of ruining his world with her messed up life.

In time

it, like every other guy relationship she’d had,



and dissolved like snow.