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This is how our morning goes:

“I wuv you, wuver buggy!” (complete with my sweet and annoying voice, and holding her head gently but firmly so she can’t bite me, and kissing her face. This usually elicits her irritated demeanor, which includes a tail snapping back and forth like a dog’s, and her sharp “vampire” teeth showing as she glares at me).

I pet her head in mock sweetness (we both know my intent is to irritate her, and she loves it. As soon as I get home from work, she jumps to the top of her kitty tower and pretends to be all wild, just so I’ll play with her and rile her up). Then she squalls, “Meeeow!” and I can tell she’s amply ticked.

Now it’s time to proceed to next modus operendi. “Dons fuss, wuver buggy!” (She squalls some more). “I WUV you!” At this point she’ll sometimes try to escape, being all irritated and all. So, I scoop her up again (if I can catch her. Sometimes this turns into the “Chase the Cat” game, where she tries to evade me and hides behind furniture, and peeks out to see if I’m coming after her). And then I pet her some more, trying to avoid her claws (currently, I have three scratches on my hands. That’s the norm when you have cats).

Yup, that’s been my morning thus far. Oh! And I bought myself an awesome NIV study Bible with my paycheck the other day. It is a good Sunday.


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