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Yeah, I just figured out something. I am my family. I am my mom’s laugh. I am my dad’s tender heart. I have my mom’s adventurous spirit, her inability to be controlled, her outspoken voice. I am my brother’s tendency to be out of the ordinary: take me as I am, here is my personality in how I look, how I dress, how I act.

Love me, and you love my family. See them, and you’ll see me.

I am different from them too. I am intuitive to the extreme. It’s like I have God’s eyes, and it’s a beautiful and terrible gift. I am patient beyond what I ever should be, I sometimes think. I am a writer like my dad, though more prolific. I inherited a romantic spirit from both my mom and my dad. I don’t take crap from people (which makes me a very challenging person to be around sometimes. I love loving people, and I love making people happy, but I also don’t put up with nonsense). I am a natural leader, and have an alpha personality, but I am also a follower and gentle-spirited.

Here is what my mom says about me:

Arielle ~ our Spunky Bunky ~ is: truthful, godly, pure, sweet, funny, hard-working, loyal, beautiful, smart, creative, loves kids & family, accepting of others, fierce in causes of righteousness, no-nonsense, kind, helpful, loves cats & dogs and other critters–like hedgehogs, and horses, and so on, sensitive, soft-hearted, determined, successful & goal-oriented, strong, fruit bat :), outdoorsy, tough AND YOU ARE LOVED!

I am NOT a failure. If anything, I am a godly success and a woman after God’s own heart. I am Peter–so eager to serve God, so outgoing, such a spitfire. I am David–the shepherd turned royalty. I am victorious, and I live in that victory. I am open, honest, loving, compassionate, and beyond strong. I am the best of friends, and beyond loyal, though I have my boundaries in relationships. My strength is in God, and my love comes from Him as well.

This is me. This is the the family I’ve been raised in. We’re far from perfect, and have had our share of tiffs, but we love each other and always come back together as a family. This is my world.


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