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How do you heal? I’ve been asking myself that for years. I’ve tried working through multiple books. None of these books help. Maybe they’ve worked for others, but they haven’t worked for me.

Here’s my book of healing. Here’s what I’ve observed and experienced so far:

Know who you are. I’ve been reading through the Song of Songs for years. And always for the same reason: either I seek that love and adoration from God, or I will seek it elsewhere, and I know where that would lead. I have to see myself the way God sees me, or I will fall apart and see myself how past people have treated me.

Allow yourself to cry, to be sad, to grieve. Don’t bottle it up. Don’t suppress it. Don’t tough it out. That’s the absolute worst thing you can do. If you’re a guy, allow yourself to cry. If you’re a girl, allow yourself to cry. There’s nothing wrong with crying.

Talk to someone. Someone trustworthy (this is important: someone trustworthy. And if you accidentally talk to someone untrustworthy, don’t be afraid. Know who you are in God’s eyes, and cling to that). Again, don’t bottle it up. Take as long as you need, and as many words as you need, to work through it.

Journal. Maybe this works better for me because I’m a writer, but I can write anything in my journal, just to get it out of my system. I go back and forth, between journaling and praying. Writing it all out helps me so very much. It helps me work through my emotions, feelings, fears, etc.

Pray. God is our healer. Gosh, He loves us so much. I think He values our scars more than we know. He still carries His scars in heaven; just read Revelation. Most of my scars come from loving people the way He loves me. My scars come from following Him, and I think they are very precious to Him.

All of this, this is my book of healing. I can’t say I’m all healed up yet, or if I’m even remotely close to understanding healing. But it’s a start. It’s a start.


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