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Cancer… after you’ve had it, your life is never the same again. Everything becomes incredibly unsteady. You see life not as normal, but as the possibility of the worst happening at any moment. After all, who knew you would get that doctor’s report telling you that you suddenly have cancer?

There are the doctor appointments. The good doctors, the stupid ones. The helpful nurses, and the ones who make you feel like a burden. There are the health complications. There is the cancer center at the hospital that becomes like a second home to you. There is the waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

I’ve walked beside those walking through it. I know its toll. I’ve walked through horrible times in my life as well. I understand the fear that someone you love will be taken away from you. And that, even if they’re a Christian and will be in heaven, they won’t be here on earth with you anymore.

May God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you, as the Celtic blessing goes. I give you all to Him. He can take care of you, better than I ever could. I did what He asked of me. That’s the sort of woman and friend I am. God seems to always bring me people who are walking through their Valley of the Shadow of Death, and I walk with them through it.

Maybe I was only meant to be a light. Maybe I was only meant to bring some extra strength and healing. If that was God’s will, then I am content. I did what He asked of me. I loved you. May He walk with you all the days of your lives. He loves you so very much. Let Him be your all in all. I cannot. I have not the strength anymore. God, help me.


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