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Love is not a temporary thing. If it is temporary, then it’s not love. Love chooses to last. Love is strong. Love face its fears. Love has a heart of courage.

My parents are celebrating their twenty-seventh anniversary today. You know what I love about my parents? They’ve lasted. And they’ve had their own challenges. And more, they’ve loved me through all my ups and downs.

I am too gutsy for my own good. I love climbing mountains. I love heights. I am daring. I am wise, thoughtful, considerate, but also incredibly daring. I never let my past fears control me. They may impact me, but they do not control me. I live in spite of my past pains. I keep taking risks. I keep my heart open and living.

I am at this very moment watching “Knight’s Tale.” You know the main character, Will? I’m a heck of a lot like him. I have unflinching courage. I want to change my stars. I know I can be a champion. I’ve never doubted it. I was born to do great things.

Somehow, despite what every freakin’ guy in my life has showed me, there is a guy out there who will stick with me through the good and the bad, and ups and the downs. Come on, men of courage, stand up! We women stand behind you and believe you can be men of God (not all women believe it. But those that don’t are numbskulls. Excuse my language).

Stand up, men. Be hard working. Be loving. Be strong. Be courageous. Set boundaries. Be mature. Be more than polite–be bold and genuine. Let the self she sees be your true self. Be honest. Know who you are in God and draw your self-esteem from Him. Don’t be arrogant. Don’t be controlling. God’s in control of your life, and the lives of others. You are not in control of them. You are not their instructor. You are there to love as Christ loved the church.

Men–grow up. Grow up in God. We women expect it of you.


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