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My mom says Mimi (my dad’s mom) was passive aggressive. I was pretty young when she passed away, so I don’t remember that. I just remember all the good stuff: loving faeries, going to plays up in Seattle, going to Tully’s just down the street, playing in her house, discovering the old attic, and her encouragement for me to take up highland dancing.

But, she was passive aggressive. Passive aggressive people drive me batty. I’m the complete opposite of being passive aggressive. For one, I’m not passive. I’m passionate, outspoken, and incredibly blunt. I say it like it is. And with me, what you see is what you get. I’m also incredibly strong-willed, have strong, articulated opinions, and speak my mind.

Needless to say, I don’t get along overly well with strong-willed, passive aggressive people. I love other strong-willed people, don’t get me wrong. In soccer, I love a good challenge to compete against and have fun with. In discussions, I love being able to voice my thoughts and opinions, and hear theirs. However, I also have a heavy dislike of being dominated. It never goes well for the people trying to dominate me.

Passive aggressive people drive me bonkers. I have two, maybe three coworkers currently who are passive aggressive. One especially is passive aggressive to the extreme. She doesn’t have a good heart behind her passive-aggresive-ness, so we butt heads a lot. I can tell a good heart when I see one, and a condescending one when I see one.

Here’s why they drive me bonkers: because they’re usually sweet-spoken, so I think they’re sweet, and only realize later that they’re subtly trying to get me to do what they want. The problem I have with my one coworker is that she goes out of her way to be in charge of me (and she’s on the same level as me, I should add) and pick me apart. I finally started seeing it for what it was (recognizing it), addressing it, and now she does it less. If you stand up for yourself long enough and assert yourself nicely but firmly, eventually they’ll back off.

Yay for human relations. By the time I’m thirty, I’ll be an expert.


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