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Forgiveness is


Forgiveness is crying

Forgiveness is healing

Forgiveness is having the people who love you band tightly around you to uphold you

Forgiveness is setting boundaries, seeing there will be no change, and safeguarding your emotional health

Forgiveness is choosing to bless instead of curse. Forgiveness is choosing to build up, speak truth, and healing instead of destroying and tearing down

Forgiveness is giving their burdens to God to carry. Forgiveness is surrendering to God and letting Him protect you

Forgiveness is

“I forgive you. I pray for your spiritual protection and healing, for His angels to watch over you. I pray for freedom, light, love, and true joy for your life. I give you to God. And now I’m off to live my life and see what adventure God has for me around the next bend in the road. Amen.”