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I never want to date a guy who is convinced I must “be obedient” to him. I don’t want a man who thinks he can and should rule over me.I don’t want a man who sees me as someone he must train to live under his thumb. A man who lives like that is not Christlike.

I feel that control is the result of fear in their lives. Perfect love casts out fear. Anyone who knows me knows that I am loyal, loving, compassionate, trustworthy, and a listening ear. I have my own opinions, but I also listen to the opinions of others. I have my own ideas, but I’m willing to follow someone else’s idea if it is the better one. I am gifted with having a strong will, but I know how to use that gift in a way pleasing to God.

I have observed that people act the most controlling when they are afraid. Sure, sometimes they act controlling for other reasons. Sometimes they act controlling because the feeling of power makes them feel good. Sometimes it’s because they think that in order to be happy, they have to make themselves superior to you. But a lot of the time, it’s a matter of fear. They are afraid of losing someone. They are afraid that you won’t treat them well. They are afraid of letting you have any form of control, because you may hurt them.

And when you “disobey” them, they feel justified in placing you under their thumb. That’s not okay, and it’s not Christlike. Christ led with love. May men choose to lead out of love as well. May they choose to treat women well.


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