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Evergreen scent, crushed between my fingers and inhaled. Traipsing between the trees with my family, here in our Pacific Northwest. This is our Christmastime. String up the lights, golden-white. And inside our house? On go the rainbow lights, round and round and round. Unwrap the family ornaments from the tissue paper.

There are the mermaids, the fishing boats, the crystal angels. There is the pickle ornament from a favorite, incredibly silly children’s book. There is the acorn (that Arielle dropped when she unwrapped it all those years ago. And it rolled in a perfect circle on the floor. And I’ve never lived it down). There is the llama (don’t ask me why we have a llama. I have no idea), and the reindeer that I always say looks like a sheep.

There is the nutcracker, and the birds (some of which… maybe slightly chewed on over the years by the cats), and Jack-Jack and Gus-Gus (Disney’s Cinderella. My mom does a great version of their voices, all sweet and silly). There is Dad’s Huskie ornament, and the Boy Scout ornament, and the the skier. There is the beautiful angel, garbed in white, atop the tree. She is so truly beautiful and realistic, sometimes I think she could speak.

A Christmas tree says a lot about a family. Our family is about… well, family. It makes up who we are. It is the heart of our family, revealed on an evergreen tree in our homey living room.

I am thankful for this Christmas. It’s not quite the Christmas I thought it would be. I keep thinking I’ll have the right guy in my life for Christmas. I want him to truly be a part of my family, not just pretend he is. I want him to be a blessing in my life, not a curse.

I want all the good things to be truly good things. Things that last. I want the loving, lasting words he says to me to be truth. The right guy should be light and warmth, joy and true peace. I should feel emotionally safe with him. I should feel at home. 

Oh Jesus, please let the right guy be a real part of my family. And let me be a real part of his.


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