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I struggle with arrogance too, so I don’t feel entirely right writing about it. But, I know it’s a bad thing. I know it upset me really bad today.

Arrogance is where you think you’re better than everyone else. It’s where, no matter what the other person says (even if they just meant to be conversational and friendly), you have a comeback that makes them feel lowly.

Arrogance is where you talk about other people behind their backs, and think yourself superior to everyone. I call that being “a snake in the grass.” It usually comes along with being uber “sweet” spoken so that they seem like the nicest people in the whole world.

Arrogance is also very, very hurtful. I hate, hate, HATE feeling put down under someone’s feet. It’s like being stepped on with spiked heels. Or those ice-shoes with the jagged spikes. Yeah. It sucks, thoroughly sucks.


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