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I want a man who can hold my broken heart gently

A broken reed he will not break, a man like my Lord

I want a man who is my shelter from the storms of life

I want a man who lays down his life for me daily

I want a man who will be my closest friend and ally

I want a man who prayerfully upholds me

I want a man who spiritually leads and fills me

I want a man who speaks life-giving words to me

not words of evil and harm, from the Evil One

I want a man who loves me for who I am

not who he wants me to be or thinks I should be

I want a man I would be willing to be with forever

Not one is worthy. Not one is worthy.

Men are full of broken promises and betrayed trust

and I am so very weary of the evils of this world

So very weary

Oh God


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