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When I am mobbed by Christalin and Mary and Ellie after the Madrigal performance–this is my joy. This is my church family. I will always be loved and welcomed by them. Precious are the hearts of children. I am moving up through the twenties, but with them I feel like a carefree girl again. I feel like myself, before I went off to university, the place that was my Mordor.

Another good thing in my life: telling “the Midnight Elk” story to semi-complete strangers at the table my mom and I were sitting at for this Yuletide feast. Oh God, it’s wonderful to feel loved for who I am. I don’t feel torn down. I don’t feel like they’ll make me compete for “who is superior.” I don’t feel attacked. I don’t feel verbally shot at. I’m not sitting there, wondering when they’ll verbally shoot me down again, or emotionally treat me like trash.

This is family. This is church. This is what life should be about! That was what made up my life before God let me see the darker side of life, and meet people who had been through horrible things. But you know what? We should never abandon those going through tough times. The Madrigal story of Everyman showed that quite clearly. “Fellowship” abandoned her (been there, done that). “Riches” abandoned her (whatever you’ve put stock in, other than God, will fade away. Physical bodies break. Money and jobs are changeful). “Cousin” abandoned her. I’ve had friends who have walked with me through my Valleys of the Shadow of Death. And I’ve had friends who have abandoned me.

That is not family. That is not what church should be about. If we as Christians aren’t being loving toward each other, what is the point of our faith? God, convict and protect. Jesus, heal us of the words and actions of our kindred Christians who have sinned. Jesus, give us the strength to forgive. Jesus, heal. Heal, heal, heal. Amen.


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