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Every system can be manipulated. Even our system of psychology and psychologists can be manipulated. (I work in a school district, so I hear plenty of psychology-speak. Paraeduactors are very fond of it). Here’s the thing you should know: this world is full of plenty of sinful manipulators who will take advantage of this “wonderful” system of psychobabble. (I’m not much of an optimist, I’m afraid. I’m very much a realist. So… the psychobabble is a pain in the neck to me)

Let me give you an example:

Here’s a conversation I had once (about food and health, believe it or not)

Lady: “You really believe that?”

Me: “Well, yeah.”

Lady: “Really? Why?” (in a tone that said, “how could you believe something so silly? Do tell me more”)

As we talked more, I felt pushed into a corner and forced into defending everything that came out of my mouth. If I’d been smart, I would have just changed the subject. I tried that later, in similar circumstances, and it didn’t go overly well. So maybe nothing would have worked with her.

I finally answered one of her queries with, “Well, duh.” To which she replied, “Arielle, I don’t tolerate disrespect.” Feeling scolded, I left the room to cry. She then proceeded to take me under her wing and basically become my counselor. She was all “loving” and “caring” and seemed to honestly want to be there for me. She shared Scripture with me. She prayed for me. Maybe she really believed it. I don’t know.

The thing I couldn’t see at the time was that she was the sort of woman who wanted to turn me into a perfectly controlled, obedient-to-her-will person who NEVER would even THINK about disagreeing with her (guess how well THAT went down). That’s how she chose to act. And she seems to believe that the reason people react to her the way they do is their fault, not hers. I found out pretty quickly that she didn’t really love me. She just wanted to control me.

That’s why I hate psychobabble. They’re so keen on “helping” me, fixing me, and managing me, they can’t see who they are and what they’re doing to me. They can’t see that how they are treating me is actually hurting me. And sometimes they’ll even affect how others view me (for the worse). Next thing I hear, a guy is telling me he see “behaviors” in me that “worry” him. Where did that nonsense come from? It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. Oh God, it hurts.

For people who choose to live like that, psychobabble is an excellent tool. Beware of the ways of the world. Beware of people like that. All the psychology research out there is great to have on hand, but we always need to look to God and His Word. Don’t be deceived. There’s a lot out there meant to deceive us. We are in a spiritual war, and sometimes those out there who are meant to be our allies can be the ones who hurt you the most.


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