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After having to put up with “special” coworkers as well as special kids (I say that in the most… loving way possible. I’m an incredibly special person too, so it’s only fair they have to put up with me too), it’s wonderful to have a bit of freedom.

I work next door to my old home church, which is quite nice. I know whose cars are whose (more or less). There is Grandpa Gary’s old beater truck. There is Mr. Sullivan’s work van. Working in the public school system thoroughly sucks sometimes, and it’s nice to know that some Biblical love and common sense is right next door (if working in the public school system is bad, imagine working in Olympia–the liberal center of Washington State).

There are few things nicer than to step out into a cold, blue sky December day. Oh God, the sun! Glory! After days of raining and flooding and jumping mud puddles, that sunlight on my face is beyond nice. We live in wetlands, and what are not wetlands, are now wetlands due to the recent downpours. I hear redwing blackbirds singing in those beautiful chords. And I lift my face skyward and sigh in the beauty of it all. Days like this remind me that life is very, very good.

Later, I’ll join in the Teacher vs. Students hockey game at our last assemby before Mid Winter Break. And we’ll lose terribly, but I’ll have terrible fun and thoroughly enjoy myself. I am too competitive for my own good, and I have a grand time of it. “Careful that the sticks don’t hit your head,” one of my coworkers tell me (I’m short). “Don’t worry,” I answer her, “I’m used to playing soccer with guys much, much taller than me, and taking them out.” What I don’t tell her is those guys called me “the Wall,” and “the Warrior.”

Days like this remind me who I am. And later, I’ll drive home, watching a bald eagle wing over Mud Bay, and I’ll smile in joy. From strength to strength, right? I hope so. May more days be like this. And may I weather the days that are not.


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