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“Do you hate me?” they asked. That went straight to my heart. They weren’t just being manipulative. They were really afraid of being hated. But the thing was, it was hard to hate. Instead, I wanted to do something about what I’d seen. It seemed I hadn’t changed much since I’d come back from university.

I have a heart for people with addictions, though sometimes I wish I didn’t. I’ve seen into the hearts of people having lived through addictions, and I’ve seen what it’s done to them.

There is shame in addiction. It’s a shameful thing, them choosing to live in that addiction. But at the same time, part of it is the sin. “That what I don’t wish to do, I do,” as Paul says. But can something be done about addiction? I think so.

Fill up with good things. I know that off at university, I wanted things that I could not have because I was not married. Instead, I found pleasure in other things. I read fun books–fairy tales, and suchlike. I bought special food. I took nature walks. I filled up with good things (though I wasn’t perfect at this. I have a sin nature, and am imperfect).

I think God has given us a beautiful world. It’s marred by the Fall, and so it is not Eden, but it’s still very beautiful. I think that beauty is meant to be enjoyed. Fill up with the good so much that the bad is less tantalizing.

I think God is a key part of this. I’ve heard people who struggle with addictions say that the addictions were less strong when they were closer to God. Remember that God is all powerful. He loves us so very much. We have to remember that. He loves us, even when we’re living in darkness. I think His love will carry us through. Perfect love casts out fear. Bringing ourselves into the light is freeing, and takes the greatest of courage.

Don’t be afraid. I know it’s hard. But come into the light. Know how much God loves you. He loves you unconditionally.


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