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Old friendships can be as good as gold. Some new friendships (“new,” as in four years) are good as gold as well. But those old friendships… when they have remained this long, it means the world.

Old friendships are like deep waters running. They are a deep well, up from which come treasures of great worth. These waters do not dry up, they do not give up, even in the wastelands. These are wells that last.


I know much more now of what it is not.

But I also know what it is.

It is a reassuring hand reaching out for mine. It is a listening, quiet presence beside me as warm tears drip down my face, and my soul spills out through my mouth.

It is the old times renewed, and a friendship that has lasted through both the good and the bad.

It is reminding each other of who we are. We both forget who we are sometimes. We both need reminding.

I know who she is. She is sweet, pure-spirited, hates washing dishes, loves chocolate, is beyond smart and literary, is incredibly driven, is compassionate, and is a bit OCD.

She knows who I am, and I try again to see myself as I used to. I am–now–a hard outer shell, and a facade of cheerfulness. But on the inside is a bleeding heart. On the inside is a gentle and tender spirit. On the inside is someone loyal. On the inside is someone who is constantly laying her life down for others.

I want to see myself as I did in my middle school and early high school years. I want to be that laughing elf who was always losing her shoes or her Bible at church. I want to be that girl the little ones in Sunday school laughed with and always mobbed. I want to be that girl who delighted in the outdoors, loved others with an open heart, was creative and rarely doubted herself.

Somehow, I will find myself again. I have, this evening, beneath the ice-cold sky of Orion, sparkling grass underfoot and an icy road to drive. I have, a little more. And as this New Year approaches, I trust God to use my life as He wills. I am His vessel. He will sustain me. He will provide for me. And I will never lose my courage. I am His child–always and forever, loved by God.


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