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Christmas tree, in sparkling white and crimson bows. Shimmering lights, like the northern Aurora, flicker on the wall. Two corgies and a puffball dog (who never leaves my side) wrastle on the carpet before the hearth, their nails scrich-scrich-scriching as they dash through the living room in playful ferocity.

One day, I think, I will have a house, a family of my own, and a home like this. Until then? I do not know. I must follow the path God has laid for my feet. I will try to bless the people in my path. I will write, and publish, and reach out to others with the hope God has given me. I will work a job, build my dance studio as best I can, and seek to be a part of the church I go to.

I will try to puzzle out the ways of life. I will try to reach the brokenhearted, even if it is hard. I will try to keep hope in my own heart, and feed my soul with good things. I will try to find places where there is joy, and have strength through the places that are hard. For I doubt this will be an easy year. No year is easy, especially the older I get.

Jesus, be with me. This year will be nothing without You. Where else could I go? You hold fullness of life. Without You, I would have no forgiveness of my sins. Without You, I would not have the strength I need to live out each day, whatever comes. Without You, and Your provision of friends, I would not have the strength of fellowship to listen to my sorrows, be a listener to sorrows, and know I will be loved.

May God teach me more of Him, and who He wants me to be. May God lead me, protect me, guide me, and keep me. May I fight the good fight.


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