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It’s been cold, cold, cold for the past few days. Actually, “cold” is an understatement. Think three nights of clear, below-freezing days and nights. Think beautiful blue sky days, but breaths that come out like dragon’s smoke and several minutes a day spent scraping ice off all the windows of your truck.

Think of the wintry forests. All the places untouched by the sun are covered in layers upon layers of ice, as beautiful as a wintry wonderland of snow. Evergreen trees, barren trees with feathery branches all white–everything. Think of ground hard beneath your feet. Hard as a rock. Think of the ponds out in the marshy lands. Yup, slick with ice, the cattails themselves frosted with white.

And I loved it! Even though I have to spend time upside down like a bat on the floor, sticking my frozen feet in front of my heater for nearly twenty minutes every day.

Today was church, and by the end of church, the clouds had come in and it was snowing. Just a light sprinkling, mind you, but wonderful! I fishtailed a bit here and there while driving, but it was nothing I can’t handle. I loved to see everything covered in white.

Today was church, and that included life-filling worship time. I am beginning to feel my heart mend little by little. And God provided me with a miracle today. I didn’t see anyone I didn’t want to see (because when I see those people, I get sucked down into depression pretty badly). My parents prayed for that, and God blessed me. I needed that today.

After that first service, it was onto the children’s wing of the church for Sunday school. Man alive, I love those kids. My little friend from two weeks ago found me very easily, weaving her way over to me and plunking down in my lap. She reminds me of three other kids I love (they used to be at the day care I worked at, and I’ve become friends with their family since then). They’re nearly always in and out of my lap, unencumbered by shyness, practically tying my hair in knots as they “do my hair” for me.

I started out the kids’ service, though, with my own usual shyness. I didn’t know any of the high school kids, and since I haven’t grown up in this church, they don’t know me. Eventually though, Heather came in (I used to teach her highland dance, way back when. She’s all grown up now). And we had a fun time chatting. Then she shooed me over to where the kids were coloring with crayons, teasing me that I was like one of those new kids who has to be encouraged to go make friends. I am a lot like that still. It takes a while for me to get comfortable. I can easily be a recluse, but heaven preserve anyone who gets to know me (I laugh loud, am outspoken, and love to tease relentlessly).

The service reminded me of my high school days, when I was just getting into community college, and had started helping out with the kids’ ministry at my home church. I love kids. My career (before and after college) has been working with kids, though my major was in English so I could attend to my writing.

I am different from who I was at age eighteen, though. I know better how to help ADHD kids. I know more about Special Ed kids, and how important it is for all the kids to treat them well. I have more natural authority now than I did all those years ago. I know how to help get kids organized. I know how to make small talk with kids until they accept me as one of their own.

All these things and more are a blessing to me. I know God has great things for the year ahead. I know it.


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