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After three years, Pastor Saeed is free from his captivity in Iran. I’ve been praying for him and his family on and off for years. Here in America where I have lots of books on my shelves, extra money to buy delicious food as needed, time to put together a beautiful blanket just for the fun of it, I feel a disconnect from what happens in other parts of the world. I know Christians are being persecuted for their love of Christ, but it always seems so distant. But as I heard the news that he was finally free and would get to be with his family again, my heart swelled with joy. THREE YEARS of praying, and God is faithful.

I wonder if he ever had the idea that I’ve had? If my suffering brings about the salvation of even one person, it will be worth it. That’s one more person freed from Satan’s prison of lies. Though the suffering is beyond horrible, it keeps your strength and courage up to know that God has a plan. I can’t even imagine what Saeed’s been going through. My suffering has always been of a different make. I have no idea what it’s like to be physically tortured for my faith.

There is a war here in America as well, though. And the people of America need Jesus as desperately as those in Third World countries. The people of America are diseased, but the disease is less evident. We battle depression. Being told that life is about success, degrees, income, we flounder when we feel that there is more out there than that–a deeper need of the soul–but are told our desires are silly. We women battle body image. Media screams at us that we must have flawless skin, perfect hair, sexy bodies, the perfect makeup. The men battle pornography. They desperately need love and acceptance, and they seek it at Death’s trapdoor and destroy themselves and many others in their pursuit.

Oh yes, America is a spiritual battleground. We are not immune, though we have many comforts and freedoms. There are many, many spiritual battles to fight here. Let all of us–wherever we are in the world and whatever culture we come from–fight the good fight and finish strong. God is with us and we have victory.


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