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I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on my blog. I guess part of it is because I’ve been spending more time working on my fantasy novel (I joined a writers’ group with some wonderful gals at church, and they’re helping me keep on-task with my book). I think the other part of it is because I haven’t had anything to write about. Nothing has really stood out to me lately. But today, something did.

I woke up feeling thankful. Now, I promise this isn’t going to be some smarmy post. Hear me out. When I wake up on Mondays, I’m usually struggling to get up (I’m one of those people who loves their sleep). Then I’m thinking about how my day will go, working with my special ed kids in class. After that, I’m running through my mental stores (which aren’t fully operational yet), seeing if there’s anything else I need to add to my errands list for after work. And then I’m weighing whether or not I’ll have enough energy to go to homegroup, or Irish class; and if I don’t go to Irish or homegroup, will I have enough energy to knock out some words on my novel.

Today was different though.

Per usual (don’t judge), I rolled over in bed and nabbed my phone, scrolling through my Facebook news feed to help me wake up. And wow, I was blessed by what I saw and read. It’s Memorial Day today, and I have friends who are wholesome, non-hypocritical Christians who have posted some darn good stuff. Each image and sentence was honoring God, honoring our soldiers, and was inspirational and uplifting. I was reminded how blessed I am in my friends, and how blessed I am to live in this country. God bless our soldiers! And did my day of thankfulness end there? Nope!

Next, I trundled out into the kitchen. It’s a beautiful, sunny spring day. Everything is so lush and green, and the flowers fill everything with natural color. Two roses from Mom’s garden were spreading their fragrance through the house, and I drank the scent in deeply as I passed. I dug around in the fridge. Mmm. Fresh peaches, the first I’ve tasted of the season (I cannot even begin to describe how much I love summer fruit). And not only that! I dug out some fruit leather and some acai chocolates to eat for breakfast as well. Now? I’m off to a day with friends, out in the sun.

So, today is Memorial Day, but to me, it’s my thanksgiving day. Be blessed!


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