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Dear Guy Friend,

You’ve been my friend since we were eleven. We’ve climbed mountains together, told stories together, and you’ve drawn art for me by campfires. And now, you listen to me, without judging me and throwing me out. So many guys have told me to hush up, like I should be ashamed of what I’ve been through. I can tell you stories from WWU, and you understand, because you’ve been off to university, and seen many dark things. And you’re not judgmental of people. I’ve never been able to trust guys. But I feel I can entrust my stories to you. You are a Godsend, and have been, when all the world seemed dangerous and unsafe.

But I will also protect your heart. I know it’s easy for guys to fall for girls. I want to be able to tell your wife someday: Your husband has been a blessed friend to me, and you’ve got one of the best guys in the whole wide world. And I want to be able to tell you: I was a good sister in Christ to him. And maybe I helped prepare him for you (he doesn’t have a sister, after all. And I enjoy having him as my brother. Sometimes he and I are more alike than my own brother and I).

Dear Future-Wife-of-my-Guy-Friend: I hope you will always be able to say of me: You were a good friend to him, and treated him rightly, and honored me.