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Worry is stupid. It’s just stupid.

On my Celtic trip, I lost my luggage for four whole days (the airport “misplaced” it. Joy). Did I care? Yes. Did I want it to ruin my trip? No. Did I want my stuff back? Sure. Would it matter if I never got it back? Nah, not that much. Could I make-do with the stuff I had packed in my carry on? Yup.

I have asthma, messed up knees, etc. Could I worry about backpacking trips, miles away from civilization? Yes. Do I? Nah. Not often. Do other people worry about me? All. The. Time.

I have asthma. Have I ever let that slow me down? Nope. Have I almost choked to death, from not being able to breathe? Yes. Did God take care of me? Yes. Have I coughed my lungs out multiple times? Mhmm. But I’m okay.

Have I had very insulting guys tell me they didn’t want me because of my asthma and bad knees? Mhmm. The jerks. They didn’t want me “slowing them down.” People like that, I don’t even want to even be around. Why would I want to feel like a burden? Or have them treat me like a burden?

I wandered around London by myself. Did I ever mention that? I did, and I’m a beautiful young woman in her early twenties (it was a good area though, of London). I needed to get out the hotel. I was going absolutely bonkers. It was kind of fun, actually, wandering around London and getting myself lost and finding my way back again. It wasn’t that different from wandering around Seattle (the safe areas. Ya gotta be smart, but not scared. That’s how to do the whole Life thing).

I think worry is from control. Let me mention something AMAZING: We have next to no control over life stuff. Worry just ruins your day. Believe me, I know. I tend to worry. It’s in my blood. But you know what? I have friends who hardly worry about anything, and I can’t even begin to describe how relaxing that is, and inspiring.

Worry just sucks. I want to leave it behind. Being smart, responsible, and conscientious is good. But worry isn’t. The Bible says so.

I’m afraid… that’s that. God help us all.