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I’m in a mood today. I’ll preface this writing with that. I guess I’m in “a mood” a lot. I get frustrated easily. I’m just usually pretty fried at the end of the day. And this has been a challenging last couple of days.

Let me tell you about the playground rules of public schools:

Rule #1 ABSOLUTELY NO RUNNING ON THE PLAYGROUND! (That includes paraeducators like me).

Rule #2 Whatever you do, don’t play tag with the kids (or you’ll get your hand slapped by another para, who is older than you and “has been doing the whole para thing longer”).

Rule #3 Don’t tell the truth, whatever you do. Always downplay everything.

Rule #4 Don’t push the kids on the swings (they might fall off. And the school might get sued. And you might get fired).


Let me tell you about some other school rules:

Rule #1 Don’t insult the parents by holding their “special” kids responsible for their actions (you don’t even want to know what happened today).

Rule #2 You must deny your Christian faith by refusing to speak up when a kid says, “Well, some guys marry other guys.” (Instead, you tell them that yes that happens, but that it’s not okay. And you know you might lose your job over it, but you doubt it, because God’s got His Hand on you. You’ve already got in trouble before at a job for telling a kid that marriage is between a man and a woman. The parent was NOT happy).

Rule #3 Don’t offend ANYONE, whatever you do. We mustn’t offend anyone. To do so would be sacrilegious.

Rule #4 You can wear a cross, and read your Bible on your lunch break, but that’s about it. “Separation of Church and State” and all that jazz. Humph.


Yeah, I’m in a mood.