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Dear Men of the Christian World:

I am not some prize.

I am not for you to show off to your church, your friends, all of Facebook.

I am not someone to take “pleasure” from in a “friendship” (Guys who friendzone girls deserve to be drawn and quartered. And no, I haven’t seen Braveheart. But I know my history well. And yes, I mean it. Drawn. And. Quartered.

I do not put up with wishy-washy sentiment.

Like me, or don’t. I don’t care.

If you want respect, then act worthy of it. Men: Maybe women aren’t respecting you because you are being an idiot. Ever think of that? Don’t come crying if your woman is not “treating you with respect.” Ever think that YOU’RE the one not respecting HER? EVER THINK OF THAT, YOU KNUCKLEHEAD?


Men are afraid to make fools of themselves. Ha! How many times have I made a fool of myself? Too many times to name–because THEY were too whatever to do it themselves. I laugh when I think that I, a weak woman, am willing to do something they themselves fear. “But rejection is hard on men.” REJECTION IS HARD ON WOMEN TOO. No excuses! THEY should be the ones taking that risk. Believe me: I know the pain of a broken heart all too well. I’ve had my heart broken and trashed more times than I can count.

Come on, men of God! You can do better than this.