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Yeah, yeah, I know we never dated. But you’re still an ex.

You liked me. Or rather, you desperately wanted a girl, and you fed off me like some sick leech. I was eighteen. How was I supposed to know you were such a jerk? I’d avoided boys for seven years. You were one of my first guy friends. And, honestly? I thought I was going to marry you. We had so much in common that it wasn’t even funny.

You were such an idiot.

Your parents thought I never deserved you. Let me give them some news: YOU never deserved ME.

Know all those faults you were naming in my life? Those were actually faults in your own life.

Remember the time you told me “I wanted to let you know how much you hurt me?” Well, I wanted to tell you the same thing, but I kept my stupid mouth shut because I was more of a gentlewoman than you ever were a gentleman.

You were arrogant, and were always stepping on people and judging them. My brother didn’t like you. He was right about you. You were always judging him for wanting tats and wearing skinny jeans and being a hipster. I love my brother. You were a freakin’ jerk. My brother used to hang with the Centralia crowd. You know what they called him? Gay. You know how they treated him? Like he was some stupid “city slicker.” My brother is an imperfect man with delusions about respect, and too tender of a heart to kick jerks out of his life, but he’s a great guy.

You are such a jerk. But, like so many guys, you presented yourself to the world as flawless.

When I have a son, if I have a son, I will never raise him spoiled. You were such a spoiled brat that everyone pandered to and praised. Your talents turned you rotten. Your parents turned you rotten. I never want to raise my kids like your parents raised you.

I would have hated having your family as the in-laws. Your dad was as arrogant as you were, and prided himself on that time he put me in my place. I wiped that arrogant smile on his face. I refused to run away. I came back, and walked past him, head held high. He stopped smiling then.

I did love your family though. I loved all your siblings. I really was a part of your family. Your arrogance, and of your dad, and your mother, destroyed that.

I am thankful for one thing though: I learned about manipulating people first from you. That knowledge has served me well these past years since I drove you out of my life, and avoided any contact with you like the scum you were to me.

You verbally hit me. I learned about abuse first from you. I flinch all the time now, whenever I speak to a guy, even if he’s an amazing guy. And I hate you for turning me into a cowering wreck of a woman.

One day, God will deal with you according to your actions. And when He does, boy, do I not want to be in your shoes.