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My home church is very weird, in some ways.

In our city, there’s a place that all the young adults and adults go for swing dancing. It’s one of the “hang outs.” I didn’t ever really go much, until I started hanging with the Chehalis crowd. And later, I went with another church group (and am no longer friends with a single one of those old friends. Funny how that works).

Two church families at my home church, back in my high school years, “broke fellowship” over the whole “issue” of swing dancing at that place. 

I agree that it’s not a safe place to send your daughter alone. It really isn’t (believe me, I know). But if your daughter is with a group of friends, and some guys with honor and a protective older brother mindset, she’ll be safe. And a lot depends on how “street smart” a girl is. A lot depends on that.

Personally, I’ve had a mix of experiences there. I love dancing, so that’s always fun. Dancing is my essence, and I come alive when I’m dancing, and the music is flowing through me. I feel utterly alive.

I’ve had a mix of experiences there.

One of the dancers was a Spanish fellow. Boy, was he a good dancer. I had the time of my life. But, being Latino, he liked to dance a little too close for comfort. But when I asked him to give me some space, he did. And that was good.

Another guy was a manipulator. Believe me, I know what those look like. They like to take advantage of a girl’s emotions, because us girls are naturally sympathetic, generally.

He told me all these sad things about him, and acted like he was SO self-conscious. It honestly reminded me of Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice, almost down to the letter. I danced that dance with him, and then avoided his advances for the rest of the evening, and stuck close to my friend group.

My favorite dancer there was an older gentleman. He had lost his wife, and he was lonely. He was always so sweet with me. You can tell a lot about a guy by how he comes and asks you to dance. I liked talking with him, and how he danced with me. He was such a sweetheart.

Once, a girl came to the dances. I knew she liked the guy I had liked at the time (and they were coworkers). Laugh out loud! Ohmygosh, this is a hilarious story: So, I was at church, and had come up to the guy I liked because I was showing him some of my art (we were pretty good friends, at the time). Before I could get to him, this gal literally came running up to me and started talking my ear off. It made me laugh. But, sometimes, I feared that he would choose her over me.

But anyways. Back to the dancing. There were some guys there who were absolute creeps, and you could tell which ones were like this, from nearly a mile away. THESE were the ones you had to look out for, and the ones that made you thankful if you had protective older brother type of guys with you.

I danced at my cousin’s wedding. I wore a beautiful dress and felt like a fairy princess. And I loved the music and laughter and wild lights. I am much like my brother in this way–loving parties like this. I loved dancing on the dance floor. I only offered to dance with one guy (besides my dad). He was disabled, in a wheelchair, and I know how hard it is to want to be up and dancing, but not be able to. He was a teenager, and not very tall, so I figured I was strong enough to help him dance if he wanted to. The others I danced with were the little ones. Children are so precious. I see why Jesus loves them so much.

I haven’t been dancing since then. I don’t want to dance with a bunch of different guys. And I hated sitting on the sidelines, waiting to be asked to dance, or wondering if it would be kosher for me to ask a guy to dance.

I loved though, that the guys always said I was good at dancing. I really am a natural, and the perfect dancer. Sometimes, that makes up for losing my highland dancing.