I think being abused affects our view of ourselves. We are made to feel worthless. And the trauma doesn’t just vanish.

That’s when the lies sneak in.

We have to know how much God loves us, and that He turns all things for good. Every time I go through something horrible, I tell myself that I will be able to reach more people for Jesus because of it. Every trial has our victory. God is faithful.

Every time I hold a crying child (even if it’s as small a thing as a scraped knee), my heart grieves. I wish we’d been friends back then. I never give up on my friends.

The worst thing about abuse is that you feel like it steals your future. And that is a lie of the devil. The harder the life story, the more opportunity we have to witness.

God is loving. That is the truth. He died a horrific death to call us His own. Our God is faithful.