Once upon a time there was a dungeon. The king over that dungeon was the devil, and the demons–those who tortured the inhabitants of the dungeon.

An abused woman stood at the entrance to the dungeon. She, too, was its captive. With a trained smile, she called to many on the streets, and the men came into the dungeon willingly–even those of the “Way” (as the Christians called it). Many men entered, and few ever left.

The first step a man took was not looking away from the abused woman given the role of Seductress, by the devil. The second step was when the man turned toward her. The third step was when he walked toward her. The fourth step was when he let her lead him inside. The final step was when the door thudded shut behind him, leaving him a captive to that dungeon.

The dungeon was an evil place. Each room held pleasure though. Don’t get that wrong–each room held pleasure, even as it damned the soul.

The dungeon promised “to teach.” The dungeon promised escape. The dungeon promised to wipe away all past pains. And why shouldn’t it promise these things? Its master was the Father of Lies.

The dungeon tortured. It was filled with lust, pain, addiction, pleasure, and shame–deep and abiding shame. But once in, few men made it out alive. Even if the men wanted out of the dungeon, it was close to impossible for them to leave.

But that is only half the story. The other half of the story is of the King of Glory. HE had made the heavens and the earth. HE was All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Perfectly Loving, the Great Healer, and the Rescuer and Savior of the world. And next to Him, the devil was a bug.

Then, there was His daughter. She hated that dungeon. She hated it passionately, and she was going to destroy that dungeon by its roots (but that is a story not yet lived out).

She had two swords in her hands. The first was Truth. The second was Light.

The truth destroyed the Devil’s lies at the roots, so healing could come in. The light she held exposed the darkness, and the darkness fled, because it was afraid. And it should have been! Her Abba Father was her Master and Love, like David when he fought Goliath.

She was going to destroy this stronghold.

The first task was for her to seek her Father-God. The second was obeying Him in the path He had laid for her feet. The third was to live in truth and confess the part she had had in getting sucked into a portion of the prison herself–led by her hand by a man made Master Deceiver by the Father of Lies.

Then. She was called to take up her cross. And it wasn’t fun. It wasn’t fun. But she knew God was faithful.

She exposed the darkness for what it was. She let God fill her heart with love. She let Him heal her. She persevered through the many paths of pain snaking spider-web-like through her heart. And she let her Love heal them. Jesus was the Great Healer.

And she called to those bound inside: “Come out. You will be loved. I will not condemn you. I will not cast you away. God help me, I will not be false. I will stand by you. I will not listen to the lies of those not living in the Christlike way. Come out, and be free.”

It was the greatest of adventures, it was the hardest of adventures. And it made a great true-life story.