Front door opens (it’s 2am)

“Hello?” I say. (I’m in the kitchen because I’m hungry. Big surprise).

I hear my brother’s voice.

“You freaked me out,” I proclaim.

“Sorry about that,” he says.

“Where were you?” I ask.

To my surprise he answers my question. He’s smiling and seems relaxed. It might be because it’s night. Both of us are night owls.

“At the bar.”

“Which bar?”

He tells me.

“Where’s that?”

He tells me. Shocked at his openness, I continue with my interrogation. He’s still my kid bro, even after all these years. Sometimes catching him in a good mood is challenging. Like an owl, he’s grouchy most daylight hours.

“Who were you with?” I ask.

He tells me. It’s a church guy and the cousin to a kid I grew up with.

“He good?”

“Geez!” My kid bro says.

“Hey, just want to be sure you’re safe,” I say.

“Yeah, he’s a good.”

I feel satisfied. I’m very protective when it comes to my brother and his friends.

“Why you up?” he asks.

I tick off the reasons on my fingers. “I’m going off my depression meds. I’m moving tomorrow. I miss Cinaed. And and and.”

“I get the feels,” he says.

Sometimes I really love my brother.