I am a dancer on the stage of life. I am graceful, and poised, and confident. How, you ask? Simple: Jesus is my Lord. He is the source of my confidence. He is the reason for my beauty, inside and out. He is the root of my courage. He is the cry of my heart.

I am a dancer on the stage of life. A beautiful thing you will have never before seen. To see me dance, is to see perfection incarnate. I am more beautiful than the most beautiful, air-brushed model. I am more beautiful than the cold beauty of a heartless queen. To see me dance, is to see LIFE, and life more abundantly. How, you ask? Because God is AMAZING.

I danced in a wind tunnel today, a sky diver up in Seattle, dressed in her flight suit. I knew exactly what to do. I’d been observing carefully. And like a graceful dancer, I soon mastered it and flew. I defied everything. I knew exactly what I was doing, and I was fearless. The instructor said I twisted too much, and didn’t keep my form well enough. I didn’t tell her it was because I was testing out lowering and raising myself in the tunnel, by changing form. She was my safety net, but I was my own teacher, in many ways.

I stood in a wind tunnel today, and I danced, and watched others dance. And I told myself: I can do that. Every spinning turn, every moment of upside-down spinning, every movement of Peter Pan flying–I can do that, I told myself. I can do that.

That’s me and life, I realized. That’s how I live my life: I can do that.