I think one of the biggest traps of the enemy is letting ourselves be defined by what we believe about ourselves–from the nasty things people say to us. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of this too (saying nasty things), so that’s that, but… I have a story to tell.

I had a friend who used to tell me really uncool things about myself. I did set myself up for it though (something God is working on with me). I opened the door for that. But her words were… uncool, and stuck with me for years.

Kierra told me many things.

She told me (when I asked her to be careful that a guy was not leading her on). She told me the devil had used my words to plant doubt in her heart. That hurt. A lot. And though that was nearly four years ago now, I haven’t forgotten it.

She told me I was obsessed with guys. I took that poison into my heart, and believed it for many years. I’m not obsessed. Do I think about my future a lot? Do I notice guys? I do. And how exactly is that ungodly?

She told me it was abnormal to not have guys as friends (I did have guys as friends though. They were my “little brothers,” and we had the best of fun–always. I will always praise them, for they are men of God). I didn’t have many guys my age as friends because they made me uncomfortable. That was that. Nothing wrong with being that way.

I always told myself I should be like her–less time spent with my “head in the clouds.” I told myself I cried too easily. I often called myself a drama queen (which was just plain mean. Why am I so kind to others and so cruel to myself? Is that not an attack of the devil?).

Those were all spiritual attacks–every single one. Shut your filthy, lying mouth, devil. I command you to flee, in Christ’s Name. I see your attacks, and I will not give you those footholds again. Flee.