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Love does not create waves

Love seeks always to please others

The purpose of love is to do what others want

Love does not create arguments–it avoids them

Love is an obligation–what is meted out must be returned

Love means always a happy smile toward the world, pretense or no. Allow no bad days to show

Love means serving others, but they will owe you later

Love is the work you do, and everyone else must match you labor for labor

Love means not being an embarasment to others

Love means doing everything perfectly to avoid reproach

Love means living inauthentically–what you present will match how much acceptance you receive


Love is boundless–and without boundaries

Love means to forgive–and forget

Love means a new life, with no acknowledgement of the past

Love in others is carefully watched to measure how much you mean to them

You feel loved when they do things your way

Love to others is an obligation that must be met, or else you are not being a good person

Love is given, and the person loved, kept; so your world feels stable

Love is expecting others to live a certain way

Love is control, because if you do not control them, they may hurt you