Love is not painful; not to hurt or to cause pain.

Love is not lust; not to take.

Love is not force; to use power and personal pleasure to try to destroy.

Love is not against the will; not to feel scared and confused.

Love is gentle, love is kind. It gives, not takes. It mirrors the Lord as close as humans can. It is a gift, and cannot be bought. You do not bring money, but you are invited to come. It protects, and gives walls to keep safe. It honors, and does not degrade. It respects boundaries, and is sensitive to ghosts. It comes from God, because only His Holy Spirit can bring about goodness in a world that demands “self”! It is goodness, somehow.

Love is not what the world presents, and it is not worship. Worship is for God, and love is for humans. To love God is to find yourself loving others, because each human being is made in his image.

Satan steals, kills, and destroys.

Jesus gives fullness of life.

And it is God who heals. A human cannot fulfill this role. His love fills the soul. Humans have bad days, can be grouches, sometimes get frustrated, sometimes get upset (and then get better), and are just plain human. Bad days come. Will you let me have bad days around you? I’m not always happy, and I hate pretending to be.

I want to take you to the Oregon coast, with the beaches full of agates, and the constant roar of the sea, and the fog so thick in the mornings, and the pelicans like birds of a past age. It is a place of peace, there. Camping down the Oregon coast every summer.

Perhaps I have not lost the world I loved.