I feel really happy right now. I love my Shire. I feel like I’m breathing in fresh air. The sunshine helped too. Church is so good. It’s so good to be away from the world.

I do need prayer though. I need a steady job soon. I need unemployment sign-up to actually work out this time. I need to prepare my dancer for this next level (she just moved up. Man alive, she’s a talent). I need to continue to sleep better at night, and wake up refreshed. I need energy to get the things done around the house that need doing.

I just want a healthy job, you know? Somewhere where I am encouraged, and appreciated, and treated well. I know the darkness hates the light, but I’m so tired of getting trashed by people. Maybe that’s why I tend to hang out with guys more. Girls are such a pain in the neck. I don’t know what’s wrong with us, but the social trash is horrific (ever seen “The Help?” It can literally be like that. When I watched that movie, I was like, “Yup. This is the real world”).

The other thing is healing. I sort of just lost a social circle, now that that gal friend has chosen a path. Pray for me. I’m trying not to dwell on it too much right now. I feel peace about what I’ve decided to do (which is to not be friends, except pray for her). God will turn this for good. It’s just hard right now.

I have my Mara stories (princess and talking animals) in my truck. I’m hoping to give it to you soon. I only had a small panic attack today (which for me is really, really good). I think I’m getting better. I’d love your help on that first story, if you’re up for it. Mostly, I just need encouragement (not so much critique). Basic “What you liked about the story.” The more notes the better. No rush though, because I’m sure you have a lot on your plate.

Pray for God to continue to heal me from my panic attacks. Pray that God just gives me a ton of blessings, because the last few months have been good, but so very hard. It was an adventure, but that was incredibly hard.

Pray for my friend too. One of my friends off at WWU went through this, and it was awful. Just pray that God opens up her eyes, because right now she’s believing lies.