You going off to school is going to SUCK. And I’m going to be MISERABLE. There. Honesty. I AM MISERABLE.

Okay. I’m better.

So, I went to tractor supply place to get wood pellets for my house, and there were baby chicks. I want chickens. No free range though. There were baby chicks, and they were all fluffy and too cute. And flowers. I want a garden.

Other good things:

I have a new dancer starting out this month. Maybe a couple of others (if it doesn’t fall through like it always does. The parents take the business card, then they forget or something. Happens all the time. I could really use more dancers for the academy though, and more income).

One of the dance moms got me flowers for the performance yesterday (all the girls were toting flowers around too). It was really sweet. Thank God for kind dance moms who make my life easy.

I felt really comfortable in church today. I still feel out of place sometimes, but it’s getting better. The nice thing here is fellowship. Everyone knows me, just about, and chatting with people is great. And with St. Patrick’s Day coming up, my flair for Celtic things got mentioned, and that made me really happy. I do love my church family.

I keep getting cold feet. I feel like my birthday gift is sort of dumb. It’s totally me though (Do I sound my age? I don’t think I do. I blame it on the middle schoolers). I will get it to you eventually. Maybe next fellowship. Oh! And I’m MAYBE going to try Wednesday night upstairs this week (though this is a crazy week, with job stuff, and dance teaching I’m trying to get done). You could pray for that. If I had a tough week, I’ll just be downstairs and soaking up the sermon and worship time.

Thanks for blessing me by letting me chat with my other guy friend. He cheers me up a lot, and I was having a really hard time this morning. It’s nice, because I don’t have that many friends here, honestly. So, thank you.

Off to get some sun (after food). Projects can wait until after I get back. I have notes for my Celtic novel to type up. They’ve been on my door for MONTHS. Not good.

You’re sweet.