That was the worst book I’ve ever read. It’s supposed to be a romance, but I wanted to gag. I read it a couple of years ago and thought it was okay, and I thought I’d try reading it again (I remember the sequel being good though). TERRIBLE. The writing is very good. This author is very talented. But the content was atrocious. Absolutely awful. I was wincing the whole way through.

Grr. Three or so perfectly good hours wasted on a book.

Will you bring me one of your favorite books to read sometime? I’d absolutely love that. You’ve got to have at least one favorite book.

I hope I can actually rest tonight. Waking up at 2am the other night sucked. I was just stressed. I’m sorry if I’ve been a pain about this. It’s just hard to describe what it’s like. It would be so much easier if it was like I first thought. It’s harder when it’s your hometown.

Wednesday night church was nice. I just like observing you. At first I didn’t even think you’d come, and then I saw your brother and was sure you’d be nearby. It’s nice having social events, outside of fellowship. I like your family, but just being in a peer environment is really nice. Come talk to me next time, okay? It’s not like we don’t know each other, and I have this tendency toward wanting a guy to be the one to come over (darn social rules from high school days). I swear I’ll get better at not ignoring you. You just have to keep trying.

Sometimes I feel like I made you up. You’re just so sweet and kind.

Would you get me a gift sometime? I think I’m almost ready for that. Nothing fancy at all. Just something that means something, like the treasures I got for you. I think I’m almost ready for that (unless you think that should wait, since we’re getting to know each other).

I feel like I’m taking baby steps in all this. Just gotten hurt too many times. A lot of lies. This world is a dangerous place. If you had a daughter, you’d watch out for her, right? I think you would. You watch out for me. And you’re godly. Like, a good leader. And it’s never about you. It’s about God. Like the presentation you gave. If you meant to impress me, you did.

I like you a lot.